Mirage jazz octet

Mirage jazz octet (LV)

Mirage Octet was formed as a project of Mirage Jazz Orchestra soloists and performs in different styles starting from the classics of jazz and till the pop music. Gunars Rozenbergs, just as the other members of the octet, writes arrangements for the project which form unique sounding of the ensemble. As one of the most noticeable results can serve an album released in 2007 consisting of the songs of northern nations in jazz arrangements written by G.Rozenbergs.

In the end of 2008 octet has participated in a project collaborating with Valmiera theater and performed popular tunes of Latvian scene together with the actors. Mirage Octet has formed collaborations with well known Latvian jazz soloists, such as O.Pirags, L.Racenajs, I.Berzina, D.Pirags and etc. Octet also performs with such soloists of light pop music as Z.Siksna, A, Danilenko, R.Trencs, A.Zakis, I.Busulis, A.Vitolina (Amber), V.Lapcenoks and etc.

The repertoire of the octet consists of so called "golden fund" of Latvian pop music that is suitable for all kind of events - starting from graduations, parties and to the big stage.