K-Trio (NL/LV)

The multinational trio "K tríó" was founded in January 2008 and won the Young Nordic Jazz Comets that year. Their music is a combination of the virtuosity of jazz, the raw emotion of rock and pure joy. The trio has released three albums, K tríó in 2008 and Rekaviður (Driftwood) in 2010. The first two albums received outstanding reviews. Their most recent album Meatball evening came out in September 2013 and won 3 Icelandic music awards (best jazz album, composition and composer) in March 2014 . The trio's compositions are adventurous and besides the rich history of jazz, their sources of inspiration range from Icelandic folk songs to 20th century classical music. Their playing is interactive, exciting and adventurous. The fourth upcoming release ""Vinstig"" is a suite of 13 compositions based on the many icelandic words for wind, and is a collaboration with the visual artist Helga Paley who has created a series of drawings as a companion piece to the music. Besides the traditional piano trio it features the members of the band doubling on various wind instruments. It has an expected release date in early 2015.

K tríó has performed at the North Sea Jazz Festival 2009, National Jazzscene Oslo, Reykjavík Jazz festival, Rigas Ritmi, Bimhuis Amsterdam, Rytmihäiriöklubi Helsinki, Christianshavns Beboerhus Copenhagen, Mariehamn Jazzfestival in Åland Islands, Nordens hus Føroyar, Ylläs Jazz and blues in Lapland.