DJ Aspirins

DJ Aspirins (LV)

Dj Aspirins in person known as Kaspars Dzilums born and raised in Riga, Latvia. One of the most popular hiphop/scratch dj in Latvia. He works with vinyls since 2004. He's making his own recognizable style of mixing very various type of music from funk and hip hop to house. His goal when rocking the turntables is making sure everybody knows the DJ is king. Aspirin believes that DJing isn't just about music selection, its also about how you deliver a record to your audience. He also produces and creates his own original hip hop beats. As well he plays and supports local or guest hip hop scene artists: Gustavo(Lv), Kasta(Rus), Pato PooH (Swe), Adam Tensta (Swe), Scariso(Lv), Gacho(Lv), Fakts(Lv), NBC (Lv) and many more, and music bands (Soul Emotion, Thursday 12th, Kristine Grundmane, Dostudija etc.) He has participated in many local hip hop and nujazz albums as a producer and scratch dj: Gacho „Gatis Irbe" , Nbc „Troe v Lodke", A.N.D. „A.N.D. izm",Andrē"Cits skatiens" Thursday 12th ''Fools Gold''. He spent the last 7 years playing every weekend – from small clubs to big festivals. He suported such acts as: SDMF 2005/2006 (Tallinn EE), Sapņu Fabrika (warm up NILS PETTER MOLVAER), Sound Forest festival, Poland club Fama (warm up Dj Rob Swift), festival Positivus 2010, Beach Party festival 2010 etc.